Your Change Concierge


Your Change Concierge

CHANGEGUILD helps businesses meet the challenges of today while preparing for tomorrow. We provide strategic, on-demand consulting and advisory services, specializing in: Change Leadership, Strategy, Problem Solving, and Resiliency.

We work with executives, business leaders and change agents to build capacity and capabilities to change, bringing clarity, engagement, alignment and results. Leverage our experience in implementing significant change in organizations - we can help you navigate the pitfalls of implementing major initiatives. We'll help you navigate and thrive in a VUCA world.

As your change concierge, we offer the following subscription-style, fitness coach-like services:

Advisory Services

Future-proof your business while there's still time. Change is a'coming, and in many ways it's already here. We lead change interventions and develop strategies that build resiliency in clients. Driving, managing and adapting to change is no small task, and our history of producing business results prepares us to prepare you.

Are you sure you have it in the budget to run that program a second time? More importantly: Do you even want to risk it? Failure isn't an option. When you set out to do something, ensure your business and your people are equipped to successfully handle program change.

Projects are the lifeblood of business growth and innovation. Ready to launch your latest effort? Be sure to take out some benefits realization insurance by engaging with change management to grow buy-in and prepare your business for a new stage.

Engagement Strategy
From the employee grassroots to the upper echelons of the C-suite, we help you craft competent messaging on the change and expectations that can be communicated across the organization.

Cultural Assessment and Planning
Heat maps, engagement assessments, readiness reviews, resistance assessments, stakeholder assessments — they all have a part to play in determining how prepared your culture is to take on and step up to change.


A good leader gets all the credit for when change goes right. A good leader also gets all the blame for when change goes wrong. Don't end up in the latter camp by simply thinking "you've got this." Change can befuddle even the best of leaders, which is why our coaching services are designed to overtly and covertly supply leaders with the tools and know-how to tame change.

Your workforce can be your single greatest advocate and weapon for change: if only you knew how to use it. Getting teams on board with change isn't always easy, but our coaching skills have been honed by years of engaging teams on personal terms and triggering their fervor for change.

Capability Build
Alas, as much as we love our clients, CHANGEGUILD can't stick around forever. Yet that doesn't mean we want to leave you on your own. Building capacity in organizations to manage and instigate change on their own is a specialty of ours, whether for a team or a whole office of change influencers.


Change Management Certification
There are oh-so-many different flavors of change management, and CHANGEGUILD can help you get a taste of them all. We offer training and/or can hook you up in a number of methodologies, including the ADKAR method espoused by our friends at Prosci.

Customized Change Management Toolkit
There's no substitute for having a stocked arsenal when confronting change, and CHANGEGUILD is an expert in creating customized toolkits for organizations to leverage in their change management journey. Specified to your culture and people, our bespoke toolkits are a key advantage in addressing change.

Need a talking head to woo your lunch meeting crowd with the dangers of disruption or living la vida VUCA? How about a diverse panel of experts from various industry backgrounds to answer your team's change management questions? Need someone to explain to your leaders how they should act as project sponsors? Want a change management expert to share insights on the state of change and the impact on individuals, teams, and organizations?

We're your huckleberry.

We've seen a lot and have a lot to say. Give us a white board, a projector, and the mic. We're ready to rock.