Greetings, Change Chums! CHANGEGUILD's Dan Olson here! As a follow-up to the MNCMN Needs and Leads segment of the Change Summit, here's an expanded breakout of what I shared. I am very passionate about helping the Twin Cities Change Management ecosystem! If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know!




CHANGEGUILD provides Change Management consulting, coaching, certification, and customized training. We can work with any size client or project and handle anything from 1:1 coaching to enterprise-wide transformations. Want to learn more? Click on the link for a free 60-minute consultation with a CHANGEGUILD specialist.

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My currency is karma. Lots of people helped me get to this point in my career, so I pay them back by paying it forward. I block my Fridays to help nonprofits and people in transition at no charge.

Are you a nonprofit with a change management challenge? Or, are you in job transition and need help with your resume, LinkedIn, or networking? I'm here to help!

Free change management consulting or career coaching. Click on this link to get started.

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Do you have a change management challenge you can't crack? Need a second set of eyes on a deliverable or need an idea to help coach a sponsor? I am at your disposal! Use this button and I will call you to provide help.


CHANGEGUILD founder/ringleader Dan Olson credits his energy and attention span to the fact that he was raised on sugar cereal & Saturday morning cartoons. Besides being a self-professed 'change nerd,' he is an Inc500 and Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal award-winning entrepreneur.  He is also a Blue-Ribbon-winning bread baker, network weaver, comic book geek, sci-fi fan, and golden retriever owner.

Dan has been a leader in the Midwest change management community for more than fifteen years and has created change interventions at all levels - from one-on-one leader coaching to massive global IT deployments and enterprise-wide transformations. Learn more about his background here, and connect with him on LinkedIn here.