It’s a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world out there — and the ever-accelerating pace of change places countless pressures on organizations to succeed. The competition will not rest. Your leaders, teams, and project members will need to continuously alter how they manage change. 

In a world where disruption can shatter traditions in the blink of an eye, surviving - let alone thriving in the fast-paced, highly competitive markets of today requires business to take an honest assessment of what they need to drive change and substantially improve results.


You need to build up internal processes and talent to help you contend with the shifting landscape of business and capitalize on new opportunities. Improving your change management skills could be the force multiplier you need to equip and enable your teams to tackle these challenges, and CHANGEGUILD is your on-demand change management concierge to make it happen.



In today’s business and economic climate, you don’t have the luxury of a do-over. When you deploy a project, it needs to work as intended at launch date and three months later. That’s where change management comes in. If project management gets a project done, change management makes it stick.

CHANGEGUILD can help you build readiness and help your people navigate the change so that the project is delivered and adopted for the long haul.



There's no substitute for having a stocked arsenal when confronting change, and CHANGEGUILD is an expert in creating customized toolkits for organizations to leverage in their change management journey. 

Tailored to your culture and people, our bespoke toolkits are a key advantage in addressing change. We leverage a data-driven, adaptive set of tools that scales from individual to organizational levels.



CHANGEGUILD can help you manage the people side of a project to achieve a greater ROI. As a result, it is almost like taking out benefit realization insurance.

Our tools and metrics track behavioral performance, and will help your employees adapt to new processes or technology. We even have special assessments for broader adoption and performance analysis. These expanded ROI tools will help defend against disruption and future-proof your business. 



CHANGEGUILD helps businesses meet the challenges of today while preparing for tomorrow by providing change management consulting, coaching, certification and customized training. We work with executives, business leaders, and change agents to build capacity and capabilities to change, bringing clarity, engagement, alignment, and results. Leverage our experience in implementing significant change in organizations. We'll help you navigate and thrive in a VUCA world.


Because change impacts each person and each organization differently, CHANGEGUILD has a wide range of offerings to help deliver business results and to teach or transfer change management skills along the way.

We are adept at working with and enhancing the change skills of all groups across the enterprise, including the C-suite, project management offices, middle management, sales teams, cross-functional leadership teams, technology teams, and the employees closest to the customer. 

We have led change interventions on enterprise-wide transformational initiatives, software migrations, technology conversions, and global ERP deployments and we frequently serve as a change coach, equipping leaders - covertly and overtly - to create a work environment where employees can do their best work.


No matter what your needs, we are ready to help you. If you want an embedded change resource on your project for the next six months, a facilitator for your quarterly leadership retreat, or a weekly Skype call to act as your change fitness coach, we have you covered. We can provide sponsor training for your leadership team, certification for your change champions, change tool training for your IT project managers, or resistance mapping for your sales team.


Driving, managing and adapting to change is no small task, and our history of producing business results prepares us to prepare you.


LinkedIn Recommendations for CHANGEGUILD's Dan Olson

"Dan has a genius for creating, energizing and empowering communities of like-minded individuals. He makes work seem like an exciting adventure and invites you along for the ride."

"Dan can shift gears easily and plays the role of mentor, coach and change agent. He has an unbelievable talent to teach while working on a project and not come across as anything but genuine and professional."

"In my dealings with Dan I continued to be amazed by his genuine passion to driving business outcomes via his integrity, transparency and karma-based philosophies. Dan is a driven and committed professional who is extraordinarily well connected in the change field."

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 2.54.32 PM.png

"Dan is the kind of person you want around if you're trying to change people's behaviors. That is what makes Dan different when it comes to change management. He understands the importance of meeting and organization or individual where they are, to help move them forward. Dan understands the theory of change and can translate it into action to get results."

"Over the last couple of years, I have been very impressed with the Change Management group and practice which Dan Olson has led and built. I know he has not done it alone, but his leadership and commitment has been exceptional. He stands out as one of the leading experts and go-to authorities for Change Management."

"He is a thinker, laughs a great deal, and makes work fun with others. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him!"

"Dan's expertise is enhanced by his enthusiasm and energy. He has an easy style that increases his opportunities to add value both as a Change Manager and as a mentor. An extremely well-read and insightful leader, Dan is my first choice for creative approaches to tricky situations."