We believe that there is enough work for everyone, but it is not efficiently communicated, and connections between an opportunity and resources are not always made. To address this and the fact that the #FutureOfWork environment will be driven by freelancers, consultants, and side hustles, the GUILDALLIANCE was formed to help connect people to work. 

When presented with an opportunity that does not fit into our wheelhouse, we want to reach out to our karma-based, collaborative talent network to share work and get it to the right person or team.

We're not looking for money out of the exchange, we're looking to strengthen the ecosystem through network connections. Life’s too short to operate otherwise.

If you agree and want to want to play along, share your details here. We're building a list and will soon be expanding into Facebook and LinkedIn Groups (and maybe even a Slack channel) to help build this karma network.

Thanks in advance for being part of the Alliance!

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